Music and health: physical and mental benefits of music

For most people, listening to music is an enjoyable activity. Music has the capacity to improve your mood and alleviate negative symptoms when you are depressed, feeling stressed or unable to sleep.

Music boosts your spiritual, mental and physical health; it is simply therapeutic. Music provides you with a unique source of strength and comfort. Music is the food of the soul. Below are some tested and proven physical and mental benefits of music you need to know:

Music alleviates depression

It is not easy to deal with depression; when you are depressed; a lot of things go through your mind. To get out of this mess requires some kind of intervention like talk therapy, music, and even antidepressants. So, people coming around you to say ‘please don’t be sad’ ‘don’t feel depressed won’t solve the situation.

Multiple types of research have proven that music has the ability to treat depression both in teens and adults. This is why some people who are depressed are encouraged to attend music lessons, where they will learn among other things how to reap the fruits of music.  Similar results have shown that music has helped to boost the interpersonal skills and self-esteem of depressed persons.

Music improves immune system

Stress weakens your immune system and even result in a wide range of diseases and illnesses, but music has the capacity to regulate your body’s production of cortisol. If you want to improve your immune system today, then start listening to your preferred music.

Developed interaction within the brain

Multiple studies have shown that those who play music have a better interaction within the left and right sides of their brains. It improves your brain function and boosts a certain neurotransmitter known as dopamine.

Music is responsible for feel-good states that come from having an orgasm, eating chocolate etc. Further research has shown that playing music with our friends, colleagues, family and loved ones stimulate ‘moral molecule’ and ‘trust molecule’ because it helps us to build trust and bond with others.

Improved digestion

Listening to music leads to physiological changes in our body. Researchers have discovered that music offers a lot of therapeutic conditions from lowering blood pressure, improving respiration, relaxing the muscle, relieving stress and anxiety, reducing pain, stimulating movement, influencing mood and reducing heart rate.

Music improves positive emotion

For many people, music is the best way to uplift their mood when they are depressed or stressed or facing a hard time. It can also be used to brighten their already radiant day. If you connect with music, you will notice that it will have a transformational impact on your emotions. Music is an activity that can help you to experience greater joy, revive your energy and connect with others.

When music is played during celebrations, it will set the stage in an active mood. Most times, it is accompanied with commercials, movies and other forms of entertainment. People listen to music in order to relieve stress, comfort, and stay highly motivated and as a creative outlet to release emotions. It is true that music plays a unique role in people’s lives.

When you listen to a music that you love, it will boost your positive emotions and feelings such as interest, happiness, and contentment.

Reduced heart rate

Music has the capacity to reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, stimulate the mind and decrease cortisol stress levels at a superlative level. So, make effort to listen to your preferred music today, and you will be exceedingly happy you did. Such activity will drastically reduce your heart rate.

Relaxed muscle tension

Listening to music will help to declutter your mind, relax your tense muscles from the chaos or noise gained from feelings of tiredness, burden of the day or fatigue. It works well with sinus infections like allergies, colds, and migraines.

It will have a profound effect both on your body and emotions. Listening to your preferred music can help you to relax, concentrate and feel more alert. Listening to upbeat music can truly make you feel more positive and optimistic about life. If you want to relax and manage your stress, music is something you should use.

Research has confirmed that listening to about 60 beats per minute can make your brain to synchronize with the beat, thereby resulting in alpha brainwaves- this is what we experience when we are conscious and relaxed. Also, listening to calming music for about 45 minutes can induce sleep in both teens and adults. Music is a veritable stress reduction tool.


It has been scientifically proven that music boosts our mood, and helps to alleviate brain disorders like Alzheimer. This works in all stages of life whether you are young or old. Music enables you to ward off the dangerous effects of aging, improve your mood, and enhance your cognitive abilities.

Multiple researchers have proven that the healing effects of music on our bodies are reduced blood pressure, pain relief ( including chronic pain, postoperative pain), improves heart function, boosts our immune system, gives you a sense of control, slow your heartbeat and breathing  rate, releases endorphins, improves postpartum well-being, enhances an anti-seizure effect, boosts recovery for post-stroke victims.

Whether you are studying or working, playing music around you can serve as a performance enhancer; it will decrease your pain and improve blood flow.

I hope you like this post as much as I did.  I would like to thank my guest writer Curtis.  Listening to music is more than just music to my ears.

Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.

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