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Tired of trying programs that simply don’t work? Feeling frustrated with your current weight or lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? You are not alone! “Fit & Sexy for Life…BAM” is a uniquely designed program, where as your coach, you and I will work together to get you on the right track to better living. Get started today!
Who is Kathy Kaehler?

I’m an author, celebrity trainer, spokesperson, lifestyle coach and mom, who has devoted her career to helping people live happy, productive and healthy lives. Beyond teaching the latest in fitness workouts, I am a lifestyle expert and former TODAY show fitness correspondent, who has tackled many areas, including stress management, nutrition, insomnia and approaches on how you can stay “fit & sexy”, no matter your age!

As a well-known and experienced fitness expert, I believe in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, where the word d _ _ _ (rhymes with quiet) is never used, but approached in a different way. Say “goodbye” to starving yourself and hello to something incredible, “Fit & Sexy for Life…BAM!”  Reaching your possible weight loss goals and getting you on track to a new and improved healthy lifestyle with my guidance and deliciously amazing products.

“Fit & Sexy for Life…Bam”

Fit & Sexy for Life…BAM is not like any other program you have tried before. By signing up for my program, you will receive products used around the world by many athletes, Olympians, and everyday people just like you and me, all backed by science and well renowned doctors. During your lifestyle change journey, I will guide you through your RESET and transform your mind, body and soul.

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Getting Started!

Once you sign-up for “Fit & Sexy for Life…BAM”, you will…

  • Set and accomplish weight loss and lifestyle change goals
  • Work towards achieving and maintaining your ideal weight
  • Understand healthy eating and reduce your cravings
  • Get access to personal coaching and library of easy to make recipes
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Love and feel amazing in your body
  • Learn about healthy eating and better living
  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Learn new and effective workouts

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