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What Celebrities are Saying About Sunday Set-Up

“Sunday Set-Up is the best! Each week I get a newsletter with recipes, workouts and inspiration. The break down of what to buy and prep each Sunday couldn’t get any easier for a busy mom of 3. Thanks Kathy!”
“Sunday Set-Up has helped me in so many ways. Kathy introduced me to an easy organized and healthy way of cooking at home and living on the road. Thanks Kathy!”
Anjelah Johnson, Comedienne
“Celebrity Fitness expert, Kathy Kaehler has helped many celebrities get in shape and adopt a healthy lifestyle. I’ve cooked with Kathy and she opened a new world of cooking for me and my family with Sunday Set-Up.”
Nancy O'Dell, Entertainment Tonight
“Kathy Kaehler…thank you for keeping me healthy. I just smile and stare! Sunday Set-Up™ rocks!”.
Angie Harmon, via Twitter
“Sunday Set-Up is not only amazing for me but also for my whole family. Preparing fresh fruits and vegetables ahead of time for meals is so smart plus it is easier to grab that instead of unhealthy snacks when you’re passing through the kitchen. So glad that Kathy has the system and so happy she was able to introduce it to us, we have been using it for months and couldn’t be happier.”
Greg Grunberg, Hawaii Five-O

What Sunday Set-Up Members are Saying

“I’m so pleased with your Sunday Set-Up™ website! After receiving your first 3-4 emails last week (I’m a newbie), I was initially afraid to put my “toe in the water”. But, tonight, I just dove in. WOW. I love “Kathy’s fridge”. I love the ease of so many of your recipes. And, to have such a variety at my fingertips, knowing they are low-glycemic and healthy, is like finding a treasure chest! Thank you, Kathy.”
Kathleen Speers Rockney, from Fountain Valley, California
“If you aren’t a member I HIGHLY recommend it. The recipes are scrumptious – my whole family loves them. The exercises are endless and you WILL see results!!! You won’t regret signing up.”
“Kathy, I have to tell you this program is a lifesaver! I am so disorganized that it is usually 5:00 and I’m wondering “what am I going to fix for dinner?”. THANKS SO MUCH – you’ve saved my family!”
“You have it all with Sunday Set-Up, Kathy – simple delicious nutritious recipes, exercises for all levels filmed in an interesting ever changing location and a weekly routine that makes it all doable. I love how user friendly the website is. That makes all the difference in the world. I am a HAPPY member – who is getting results because you make it fun! much love to you.”