Introducing 3 Life Hacks To Jump Start Your Self Love. 

In my opinion, self-care is not a routinely used word or practiced.  As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur I’ve put myself on the bottom of the list far too long.  A list so long I’ve forgotten who I am!  Thankfully I’ve been taking some of the advice you will find below from a talented writer named Emily. 

She writes self-care and self-love have been popular topics of discussion. They circle around perceiving your body as a product of your history and how you should begin to appreciate that! There is nothing wrong with any type of body or even one that has been changing over time. However, many thoughts and opinions have been floating around how to begin this practice. As someone who has recently transitioned into a lifestyle full of self-appreciation, these are my three hacks on how to get started.

Hack #1 Surround yourself with positive people.

It has been shown in recent studies that the closest relationships in our life significantly influence our mental and physical health. They can promote longevity and change our mindsets about ourselves completely. When adults have close, nurturing friendships, they’re more likely to live longer lives. The effect of these connections is 2x stronger than exercising. This is even equal to quitting smoking! Surrounding yourself with self-disciplined people will boost your willpower and motivation to maintain healthy habits and achieve your goals. Finding that perfect #GirlSquad will jumpstart you into a life full of self-love!

Hack #2 Invest in clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Making sure you feel comfortable throughout all aspects of your life is extremely important. For me,  when I am feeling confident in what I am wearing, I am instantly ready to kick the day’s ass! This little investment in yourself can go a long way. True & Co., a company who offers bras that are so comfortable and sexy has a mission to make every woman feel confident in their own skin. Fabletics is another great company I follow. Their insane variety of leggings are known to boost your confidence at the gym. With these simple changes to your wardrobe, your overall spirit will skyrocket!

Hack #3 Write down positive affirmations about yourself.

Focusing on the things you want to change about your appearance is something that is very easy to slip into, and we all do it! It becomes easy to forget the things we love about ourselves. A simple solution to always keep in mind is to sit and physically write down positive affirmations. We put our body through hell and back (long days at work, struggling to find time to work out, and missing those healthy meals), and hey it’s still here, serving us and looking pretty damn good doing so! These affirmations with provide you with a fresh, written down reminder on why you are so amazing! Self-hate can actually destroy our overall well being if we’re always listening to our “bully voice.” Flip that thought around and we can thrive on our own self-love. 

Our bodies ultimately reflect all the amazing things we have done in our lives. And that is beautiful! Being your true, authentic self-requires a lot of bravery. And when you begin to show the world that you love that version of you, it becomes necessary to use even more courage. When combining a great support system, self-confidence, and constant reminders of greatness, you’ll be able to transform your life into one that is so full of love you can’t remember when it didn’t!

Thank you, Emily and I’d like to add one more hack, start your day with my new favorite Fit4Her shake. Fueling your body with the perfect blend of micro and macronutrients kick starts your body for a great day of feeling energized and satisfied.  This is my choice for healthier living.

Author bio: Emily is a content creator who loves to write about self-care and wellness. She’s dedicated to keeping up with current health trends. Her favorite hobbies include staying at home with a face mask on and The Office on repeat!

Who Is Kathy Kaehler?

 Meet Celebrity Health, Fitness & Nutrition Spokesperson – Kathy Kaehler

Helping people learn how to be happier, healthier and bolder through health, fitness and inner beauty,  Kathy Kaehler is unstoppable in her commitment to empower women who are entering midlife, but unwilling to let their fit, fabulous and sexy selves go.

Through her definitive LA Talk Radio show/podcast “Kathy Kaehler Live!,”  audiences love Kathy for her willingness to be honest and get real when it comes to stress, nutrition, positive living, personal growth, and the really important stuff like sleep, sex and satisfaction.

In addition to her radio show, Kathy’s personal training programs, best-selling books, and wildly-popular blog articles (you never know what she’ll say next!), Kathy gives women the inspiration and resources they need to take back control of their lives and know that it’s never too late to create the life they dream of.

No stranger to transforming people’s lives, Kathy has spent the last 30 years working out, teaching, training, and cooking side-by-side with health, fitness and positive-living icons like Jane Fonda, Katie Couric, Leeza Gibbons, and the Kardashians. When Kathy faced a double hip replacement in her late 40s, she took a big risk and opened up to her audience, sharing through her blog the fears, nasty scars, and everyday struggles as she worked through them, never holding back. These emotionally-charged stories allow her audience to see and connect emotionally with her as a real-life person. Here is someone who understands, shares the same worries and struggles, and best of all, really, truly CARES.

When Kathy spontaneously offered to connect with readers on the phone as she recovered from her surgery, women from around the world reached out, grateful to know they weren’t alone, and eager to share their struggles with someone they knew they could trust. Working one-on-one, Kathy taps into her lifetime of experience to provide them with the right nutrition, exercise and healthy-living solutions to create the abundant, fabulous life they deserve.

This passion for transforming her own struggles into positive and realistic health and fitness support that fits into the real world has truly resonated and, after 30 years of helping people, Kathy revels in the transformations she’s witnessing as she helps women take back control of their bodies, their lives, and the role they play in this world.

When she’s not on the phone or the radio helping women get fit and sexy, you can find Kathy hanging out with her three sons, cuddling with her husband of 23 years, or taking selfies with her bulldog, Red.

If you’re thinking to yourself, I know I’ve seen her somewhere before, you probably have:

Kathy has helping everyone from the soccer mom to the celebrity superstar, and you’ve probably heard of her in one of the following ways: As a personal trainer to the stars, Kathy has worked with Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Denise Richards, Claudia Schiffer, and Kim Basinger. She is the creator of Sunday Set-Up,™ a signature system for organizing food at the beginning of the week, ensuring healthy snacks and meals make it to the table all week long. Her books include “Teenage Fitness,” “Fit and Sexy for Life,” “Kathy Kaehler’s Celebrity Workouts,” and “Momenergy,” and she writes for magazines and multimedia sites including Huffington Post, Self, InStyle, Us Weekly, Shape, Fitness, Family Circle, Health, More, and Woman’s Day. She’s the leading health and fitness spokesperson for USANA and has worked with other high-profile brands including Pretzel Crisps, Propel, Ragu, and Serta. And her LA Talk Radio Show, “Kathy Kaehler Live!,” continuously features leading experts and influencers including Nikki Sharp, Lee Woodruff, Dr. Jennifer Berman, Keri Glassman, and “Food Babe” Vani Hari.