Getting up early in the morning and feeling like you’ve gotten enough sleep is a hard combination to accomplish. Sometimes our bodies get used to waking up early from sticking to the same routine over time, while some of us never feel refreshed waking up to an alarm. Even if you’ve never been a morning person, (like my Red the bulldog) you can become one by nailing down a morning routine that works personally for you. My dear friend Laurie used to call me “toast” when I’d pop up in the morning to hit the Rose Bowl flea market or a celeb client I was training. Below are a few ideas to incorporate into a morning routine that will make you actually want to get up early.  Trust me these work.  

Slow down

Some of our worst days start with a rushed morning where we become forgetful, anxious and irritable. By waking up earlier than normal, it allows us to slow down and not feel like we have a time restraint to get a bunch of things done before we leave. Get up and get ready at an unhurried pace. This will start your day much more relaxed. 

Drink a large glass of water

One of the reasons we feel exhausted throughout the day is actually because we’re dehydrated. Being dehydrated can make us sluggish, develop headaches, and feel out of it. Throughout the night we’re obviously not drinking much water, so when you wake up, start your day with a large glass of water and even throw some lemons in there for fruit infused flavor. This will also aid in digestion for the rest of the day and can act as a caffeine boost when drank first thing in the morning!

Have a healthy breakfast

Skipping breakfast is never a good idea, but do you know why? Not eating in the morning actually starves your body and can make you eat way more at lunch time than you normally would need to. It can also slow down your metabolism and increase the release of stress hormones. If you want something simple and healthy, fast to make and filling for hours FitHer is great and filled with all required nutrients a woman’s body needs!  

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Become self-aware

The morning, before anyone else is awake, is a perfect time to focus on yourself and have some personal time. Whether you’d like to journal your thoughts, read a book, or meditate— make some of this time in the morning just for you. There’s even an app called Headspace that helps you become more mindful. This will also encourage you to wake up early since you’re doing something that is beneficial for your body, all while having the time to do so!

Move a little

You don’t have to do an incredibly intense workout in the morning if you don’t have enough time, but it is important to get your body moving, even if it’s just for a little! Stretch your body, use a foam roller, or even complete a small workout routine. If you do have the extra time and prefer to do an intense workout in the morning, getting up earlier will allow you to do this. Whatever workout routine you choose to do, make sure it’s one you’re excited about doing. This will wake your body up and get you ready to take on the rest of the day! If you have any questions or need help remember I am here for you.  Just set a time for me to call you and I can help you get started.  

Do your full skincare routine

On mornings where we are rushing out the door, we rarely have time to do our full skin care routine. Doing your skin care routine can actually be very relaxing. If you don’t already have a solidified skin care routine, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. For healthy and young looking skin, incorporate a gentle cleanser, toner, anti-aging cream, moisturizer, and eye cream in your routine. You’ll not only feel relaxed doing this but you’ll also feel better about your skin!

Do NOT check your messages

Remember, there is no need to check your emails, social media or messages during the early hours of the morning. Upon waking and instantly checking your phone can cause you to feel stressed and anxious.  Let this period of your day be “disconnected” and only about you.  Journal, deep breath, write, sing, warm bath, get into nature or mediate.  

Finally, if you take away anything from this blog post let it be this last one.  Start your morning without a device, it does wonders.