WOW, I can’t believe it has been five weeks since my second hip replacement surgery.  I bet these past weeks have been flying by for you as well.  Busy agendas filled with sweaty workouts, fun activities, celebrations, hectic work schedules, exciting travel itineraries and I sure hope some yummy eating along the way.  For myself, these past 35 days have been spent on healing, healing, and more healing.

How often do you think about healing?  We normally don’t think about healing unless we’ve been sick, got hurt or had some type of surgery, right?   However, the reality is we must think about healing our bodies all of the time.  I know there are occasions when you just don’t feel good and I don’t mean the way you feel when you are coming down with something, it’s more like that blah, blech, ugh feeling.  No reason, can’t pinpoint why, you just feel crappy.  Lifestyle??

Have you ever stopped to think about how hard your body works just to keep you alive?  It is like a little engine on a 24/7 time clock that never clocks out.  The jobs that the human body performs are extraordinary, especially when it runs like a fine tuned sports car.  Nerves messaging the brain, blood pumping in and out of the heart, oxygen filling the lungs, muscles contracting and relaxing, senses that are used every moment of every day, whether you are awake or asleep and digesting food from one end to the other. When you stop to think about it’s really pretty amazing.

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Now imagine a body that is functioning on overdrive with lack of sleep, toxic chemicals from the environment, processed foods, inflammation, poor physical condition, insufficient nutrients, dehydrated and other unhealthy lifestyle habits like…smoking, drinking, drugs, fasting, etc.. Not only does the body have to deal with its regular 9-5 haha, but now it must accommodate for these additional unhealthy detrimental lifestyle habits.   Quite the conundrum for the body wouldn’t you say?

So you see healing isn’t just for injuries, illness or recovery, it is for so much more.

I have spent years studying health and fitness. Watching food documentaries, reading blogs, researching articles and learning the importance of clean living has become an obsession.  However, my focus was for learning the best ways to obtain ideal body weight and to be fit as a fiddle.  During my recovery, I have had more time to truly appreciate the significance and partnership of making optimal lifestyle choices as they are a direct reflection of how the body functions inside and out.



For example, if you are dehydrated your body has to compensate and heal from the destructive damage the  lack of water has caused.  Headaches, poor urination, dizziness, dry skin, lethargy to cramping and possible convulsions.  Your choices in what you eat, how you move, how you rest and hydrate yourself are key to optimal physical health.


Everyday we look for food that tastes good and good for us, but shouldn’t we be asking questions about the food?  What is it made of?  Where did it come from?  Is it nutrient dense and able to give the body the vitamins and minerals it needs?  Take for example your choice in protein, a vital macronutrient. Everyone has their own idea of what is best, which is why I am excited to share my discovery.   I am a meat eater, but I am a very, very picky meat eater.  I want to know where it comes from, what it eats, how it was treated, if it had a great life with only one bad day, if it is nutrient rich and has never been given antibiotics.  I made this discovery about a year ago and it is American lamb.  Talk about a nutrient rich, nutritious choice of protein.  Get this,  a 3oz serving of American lamb (yes, American lamb) is packed with 47% protein, 38% selenium, 21% riboflavin, 37% Vit. B12, 27% niacin, 10% iron and 30% zinc.  Remember all the jobs our body has?  Well all of these nutrients promote normal functioning cells and nerves, aides in digestion, promotes healthy skin, helps red blood cells carry oxygen to and from other cells, helps form enzymes and insulin and so much more.  Not to mention lamb has five times more omega3 fatty acid than beef.  Plus another bonus, it’s easy to make.  Here is a super recipe from my pal Jamie Oliver.  Lamb Recipe

So you can see how important our food choices are, as they go well beyond the calories!  Let’s heal our precious vehicles that take us through life each and every day.  Never before have I felt the power and passion in the words… make good choices in how you eat, move, rest, and hydrate.

Here’s to healthy living!


For more information on American Lamb visit these websites.  The more we know the better we are informed.

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