Bianca Bucaram and Deana Lenz are Bridging the Gap.  Today’s launch has brought these two powerhouses together and they are most definitely Bridging the Gap.  Bridging the Gap gathers over 200 Influencers who have stepped up to take part in an unprecedented campaign for social change.  This campaign unites the Millennial and the Midlife Demographics in a way that has never been done before and I’m thrilled to share the wonderful conversation between Bianca and Deana.  Enjoy.

Bianca Bucaram


DL: Please tell me about your family. Was there one thing growing up that inspired you to open your own PR firm?? ​

BB: ​I have a crazy Latin, Lebanese family with more love than you can imagine. We are always in each other’s business, but the most important part is that we DO each other’s business. My segway into PR came when I learned that my younger sister, @fullyrawkristina had a story to tell… and I was going to tell it. I am a Daddy’s girl by trade, and this partnership between my sister and myself has done nothing more than make my family extremely proud as we both love and support each other and unite our efforts by using our gifts. I am currently the President and owner of The Bucaram Public Relations Group where I represent a variety of lifestyle and celebrity talent in all arenas from YouTube to sports and entertainment, and I also work with non-profits, which is where I am so glad that our paths have collided and will continue to collide. ​

DL: If you had to change one thing about your work schedule what would it be and how would you do it ?

BB: ​First of all… I LOVE my job. I LOVE connecting with people, and LOVE telling their stories…. that being said, I do it all day, every day, and in EVERY way. The requirements of PR can be extremely time consuming and stressful and don’t stop until the sun goes down… well at least in our time zone… and then they pick up again. Managing international clients in the UAE (Dubai), Greece, and the Middle East has been a wonderful and challenging experience​, but I would definitely change the 24 hour “on call” daily routine that has become so second nature.

DL: Do you have any tips for staying organized ?

​BB: LOL… well, that’s a GREAT question. I use about 3 different platforms that help me keep myself together: Basecamp (CRM), Dropbox, and Google Drive, and I have mastered the art of using google to keep me up and organized while sharing only pertinent information with those who need it so as to keep people sane. BASECAMP: Archiving Documents and having conversations with team members, daily updates and graphics that are easily accessible. Dropbox: Folders of Images and Final Documents for Media and quick placement of pitches.  Google: EVERYTHING ELSE! Collaborations and documents that are updated daily stay on google, and I ask my clients to continually reference these documents as I update them daily.  And, as much as possible, I try to use as few words as possible. ;-). Me. Speak. Caveman. And… DELETE messages!  On another note… my closet is a mess! Ha! ​

DL:  Since you are the face that represents your clients please describe your 5 best pieces of your wardrobe that works every time.

BB: You are amazing.

1. The little black dress that is long sleeve and goes knee length.

2. My calve high black boots that go with it.

3. My white & pink professional jacket

4. My black pants that go with everything.

5. My flowy black button up shirt 
with my necklace with “B” engraved in it… never can forget who you are!

DL:  How do you make a successful pitch for a potential client?

​BB: It’s really an art, but you must empathize and get to know your client, FIRST. Make them really understand that you UNDERSTAND their business, passion, or mission and that you are here to help. I always go through a website or social handles if they have them and make sure to connect them prior with any ideas I have or professional experiences that are relevant. If they don’t have a website, I listen attentively to their needs (with my portfolio in hand) and come up with a few creative ideas during our initial meeting to tickle their interest. You also must make sure that they know that you have that WOW factor and are CONFIDENT in what you say, your ability to perform, and make sure that you are as transparent as possible. I find that when I work with athletes, I show them who I have worked with prior and incorporate many aspects of my work: EVENTS, MEDIA ACQUIRED surrounding the event, and networks/TV promotion and or brands who have supported the campaign. It’s always good to have a portfolio of your work in hand (a graphic of some sort) a picture says a 1,000 words, and make sure you always follow up with a handwritten thank you! ​

DL:  What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own PR firm?
​BB: PERSONALLY: Put your nose to the grind, DON’T give up, and make sure to ALWAYS mind your P’s and Q’s in both emails, person, and follow up! It’s so important to look the part as well as act and BE the part. Your authenticity comes through. ​PROFESSIONALLY: Hire a business coach or have a mentor who you can always reach out to (if possible) and make sure that you have a great accountant. Also, don’t always expect collecting money to be easy!

DL: Please tell me a mantra, a quote or an activity that you do that helps to keep you balanced in stressful situations.

BB: DORI: “Just Keep Swimming!” ​and worst case scenario…​I always try to keep love in my heart and know that worst case, “This too Shall Pass!” ​
DL:  What project have you created that you are not only most proud of, but also want to keep growing? How do you plan on growing it?

​BB: Gosh! You are asking me some great questions! I have to say… there was a community relations outreach that I did for 12 CBS Radio DJs in the Greater Houston Area where I was able to partner each with a charity of choice. Some DJ’s were recently moved to Houston, and it gave each of them a great opportunity to learn and grow personally and in the city.  My favorite part of the whole experience was partnering them with TX Children’s Hospital’s Radio Lollipop Program where each was the “Guest DJ” for a one time appearance during a 12 month period. It was so rewarding not only to see the children light up, because they met someone ‘famous’ but also the DJ’s were so completely humbled by their experience. Given my love for music and experiences growing up, it was so rewarding  to see music help transcend generation, illness, and culture, and provide hope to all: young, old, and new to Houston.

DL: Please tell me how you think social media can actually play a positive role for woman in business ?

​​BB: Let’s just say… social media has amazing upsides to networking! I was recently asked to speak on a panel of women at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s women in business summit, with powerhouse women in our local market who have dedicated their lives to the Radio (CBS Market Manager), TV (KHOU-11 News Director), and Journalism/ Newspaper Editor (Houston Chronicle) fields and was surprised to see that I was the individual that the moderator directed many of the questions related to the topic to! It was amazing to see how many women don’t know the resources we have these days using Facebook, Twitter, IG, SnapChat and more to help us grow, brand, and promulgate messages more easily than before. I’ll say it once, twice, and a million times… the key is to be AUTHENTIC with your content and provide tips that make sense and bring relevance to someone’s life.

Deana Lenz


BB: So what got you into the music industry? How do you feel being a creative in your world, and what do you think makes what you do so special?

DL: I actually fell into the music industry. I was working at CNN and I felt that I wanted to be more creative. I wanted to not only produce pieces, but make them look like art. Ironically, I started to interview and the head of creative services at Sony Music was looking for a producer. I was very fortunate to take my news back ground and blend it with music.

BB: What do you love the most about what you do? Tell me more about some of your coolest clients?

DL: I am very fortunate to have different genres of clients.  I love raising awareness through visuals and connecting sponsors with my nonprofit clients .
BB: What is one of the most interesting client experiences you have had? Challenging? Funny? and Exciting?

DL: Every project has its highs and lows, but I think the most rewarding was a campaign I produced and directed for St. Jude Children’s reach hospital staring Miley Cyrus.  Not only did DCL Media produce and direct the campaign, after production was completed, we went to E Entertainment and Nickelodeon. They both agreed to air the campaign on tv and on line. We raised donations by 30 percent that year. I have to say I have been blessed to have worked with some of the most talented musicians in the industry, but this made me feel beyond fulfilled.

BB: Where do you feel like you make the most impact, and if you had to look back on your career path, what would you tell an aspiring producer stepping up in the music/production ranks?

DL: I would tell any producer to be multi-faceted … know how to market, bring ideas to the table, know how to be visual and learn how to be creative with any budget you are given.

BB: Where do you see the direction of the industry heading in the next 4 years? 10 years? And do you think your contribution has fulfilled you?

DL: My business model has changed a bit. My focus as of late has been taking my nonprofit clients and pitching new nonprofits to not only create their content and help them social media it in an effective and artful way, but also help them create brand sponsorships … I am hardly saving the world, but I do feel that this work is making me see ways in which communities around the world need help … and I do believe messages have a further reach today because of social media. Thus, I am a huge fan of Instagram.

BB: How do you see someone’s creative vision? How do you come up with the ideas you use in creating the amazing reels you have worked on? Tell me more!

DL:I love watching movie trailers, fashion shows and art exhibits. These three visual experiences feed my soul creatively. Plus my two spirited daughters, an adorable dog who I treat like my son and a cool hubby.  Not to mention my passion for chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.

“I love how we connected thorough it all… St. Jude, Music, Media… Creativity… and Chocolate!” ~ Bianca

“Friends for Life.” ~ Deana