I am embarrassed to see that my last blog post was in April. How did this happen? Maybe it was my twins graduating from high school? Nah. Maybe it was my twins going to Europe by themselves? Nah. Maybe it was having shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff? Nah. Maybe it was driving across country from Los Angeles to Detroit? Nah. Maybe it was vacationing in Canada with seven teenagers? Nah. Wait this must be it…moving my mom from her home to a two bedroom apartment? The reality, all of this is the reason I haven’t been writing my blog and just listing it here makes me wonder…did I even remember to brush my teeth since then???

Now that a few things have calmed down, my boys are settling into college, my mom loving her new digs, my shoulder slowly healing, no one out of the country, I was able to finally sit down and send a note to my endlessly patient fans and followers, who quite frankly I consider my friends.

In fact, here are some really lovely things some of you wrote to me in my absence.

“Kathy Kaehler…thank you for keeping me healthy. I just smile and stare! Sunday Set-Up™ rocks!”

Kathy — you certainly are the better living expert! It is a journey for us all and knowing you’re on it too is a relief. I have been a fan of your Sunday Set up process for years and just love it. It did take me a while to get in a groove with it and every big change in my life requires an adjustment, but I am a lifer. You do terrific work. Much continued success!

I am going to plan out my meals for the week! Kathy Kaehler has an amazing program called Sunday Set-Up where you set-up your meals for the week on Sundays. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Thank you so much for sending these along and so many others. It is true Sunday Set-Up is back and with a fresh new look. I am not as hands on as before because I have started a new plan called 28 Days to Fit and Sexy for Life…BAM!
Check it out today!


Since fall is here to stay, it’s time to clean out the clutter and get focused. You may have a garage full of stuff that is dying to be sold, a desk piled high with To-Do lists or you just may not have your workouts or healthy eating organized. Like my one friend above says, fail to plan, plan to fail. Start today, get organized. Make a plan to workout and put it on your calendar. Get rid of all that extra paper lying around so you can think clearly. Call up a donation service if a garage sale is out of the question and get rid of it. As I learned from my mom you can’t take it with you, so if you haven’t worn it, used it, looked at it or even touched it in a year…say adios!

Here are a few offers that just might make fall your favorite time of year.

My favorite way to start off the day is with my USANA Nutrimeal Shake. It has shaved off 35 pounds from my husband who started drinking one every morning last May. His weight loss is quite astounding. Stay tuned for before and after’s as soon as I can sneak one. Click the image link below to order the shake.

Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal

Working out at home may be the only option for some or for when our planned workouts get derailed…my blast from the past dvd’s are a great workout. These DVD’s are almost gone for good and if you haven’t grabbed one yet click the image link below and I will send one out asap.
Fitness System DVD


Since cleaning out was a hot topic for me in these last few weeks I also closed down some of my facebook pages in order to make finding me, Kathy Kaehler much easier. So now I only have one. If you haven’t checked it out or LIKED it yet please click the link and say hi.


By the way USANA does have an incredible no chemical no flouride toothpaste that I have been using since April, just in case you were concerned. You can get that right here as well.


Can’t wait to hear from you.
Stay fit.
Get organized.
Tune in each week to my radio show.

Be Happy and Healthy,