Thankfully while I sit in Los Angeles in the one hundred degree heat, I’m feeling Arctic Cool.  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Darren Talbert from the fastest growing US apparel company that incorporates cooling technology into it’s apparel, Arctic Cool.  Plus, Arctic Cool is an American company and that warms my heart.

When I brought products onto my previous show Fit and Sexy for Life it always was a product that got my attention.  It was a product I knew I could share with my family and clients.  And most importantly, I knew there had to be a story.


Darren shared the story.

K-How did you get into the fitness apparel business?

D-25 years ago I was in the fitness equipment category (eye wear and watches) which lead to opportunities to cross merchandise all categories.  Apparel is the second largest biggest sub-category in the industry, so it became a big part of my career quickly.

K- What was the most exciting thing you learned when working with Nike?

D- The Nike Plus Launch.  Nike Plus was the first commercial blending of technology into fitness.  It was amazing.   Truly Amazing.

K- Why did you go to UnderArmour?

D- I went to work for UA to work near my family.  My parents were elderly and in need of assistance.  And, I had always wanted to work there so it was a good fit and perfect timing.  UA was the apparel category leader so it was a terrific experience.

K- Did you feel the market place for functional workout clothing was missing a cooling feature?  Was that your inspiration?  Who does one seek out when digging into the science of fabric that cools with water and wind?

D- Our intention was to democratize cooling apparel.  Core Temperature Regulation is an emerging trend and the existing players were pricing the newest technology on the higher end of the market.  We brought the very latest in fabric technology direct to consumer and make it affordable.  Our $30 shirts are nicer than the existing $80 products in the market.  And, the technology works!

K-So how does it work?

D- Our unique fabric optimizes the available evaporative cooling effect.  It takes moisture, blends it with air flow and in a very controlled manner lets it all evaporate.  It’s super simple in function, complicated to engineer, but we did it!

(ladies anyone going through menopause…you need one of the towels)

K- My last question is something that I am still scratching my head about how it works.  How can clothes have sunblock in it?

D- It’s simply the way it provides shade.  Meaning, it blocks the specific rays that burn.  Think of it as a shade tree.  It blocks the direct burning rays to the degree it is UPF rated.


See I told you there was a story.  I love that Darren shared his experience and I hope you had the same take away as I did.  He is one who has experience, passion and dedication.

June 13th of this year  Catherine Grace O, my co-host on Cat & Kaehler and I had a great chat with Darren and Tami Lee Webb.  We loved hearing all about Arctic Cool.  Click the link and you can listen in.  Next time you are looking for a cool new workout top give Arctic Cool a try.  It’s like buying something from someone you know.

Tamilee Webb