The Fierce 50 Movement Starts Right Now

The #Fierce50 Campaign

February 19th, 2017

The Fierce 50 Movement Starts Today.
I’m extremely honored and grateful to be part of the first annual #TheFierce50, which launches on the 50th day of the year. The #TheFierce50, is a movement dedicated to women 50 and beyond who are thriving, creating, celebrating and living authentically where they are in life.  I was selected along with an extraordinary group of women including Catherine McCormickLee Woodruff, and Laura Munson, to be among the Fierce50. We’ve been paired with a Fierce50 blogger and I was over the moon when I learned my partner is fellow fitness icon, the one and only ferociously fit, Denise Austin.  Stay tuned…

My pal Denise Austin.

As women over 50, we are coming together today to honor and celebrate one another. I want to show the world that turning 50 (or 54!) is a time to embrace what it took to get here.

Some thoughts about the 5th decade.  My parents use to say age 40 was “over the hill”…tired, no energy, saggy, wrinkles, retired. Well, I have found at age 54 I don’t agree. I feel like I’m just getting started. It all comes down to perspective. A person at age 50 can create a healthier lifestyle which can improve the quality of their life. After all, “age is just a number.”

50 Good Things About Turning 50

  1. You’re less afraid
  2. You can voice your opinion
  3. You know yourself
  4. You have a greater appreciation of life itself
  5. It’s easier to laugh at yourself
  6. It’s easier to laugh at others
  7. It’s easier to take life less seriously
  8. You stop caring what other people think
  9. You embrace the friends you have
  10. You have a lifetime of wisdom to help you make decisions
  11. You can take deep breaths
  12. You’re less critical of your body and weight, well maybe
  13. You know that eating right and exercise are the best medicine
  14. You embrace your imperfections
  15. You can read the books next to your bed, finally
  16. You get to use the excuse: “My way or the highway”
  17. You have a reason for forgetting names
  18. You have a reason for losing your keys
  19. You have a reason for telling the same stories
  20. You can be as grumpy as you like
  21. You can learn to rap
  22. You can learn to play the guitar
  23. No one cares that you use large fonts
  24. People expect you to be a bad dancer
  25. Your confidence shines
  26. You can go home early without offending anyone
  27. You can enjoy working at home
  28. With kids out of the house, you can finally have daytime sex
  29. Your kids stop expecting big gifts from you
  30. Your kids finally start giving you gifts
  31. Closer to senior discounts
  32. Younger people will help you more
  33. You have more time to start a new hobby
  34. Wear whatever you want.
  35. You can wear floral and plaid together
  36. You can wear glitter or funny sunglasses in public
  37. You can go gray with your hair
  38. Retired life is just around the corner or not.
  39. Relaxation
  40. Nap time is fun again
  41. Waking up too early and watching a sunrise
  42. Resting feels natural
  43. Buying more comfortable clothing
  44. Fewer comparisons to the millennials
  45. The amazing things you’ve seen and experienced
  46. Your wisdom
  47. Your advice
  48. Your ability to “let it go”
  49. Your ability to forgive others
  50. Your ability to forgive yourself

Stay Fit,



If you have enjoyed reading this blog post and want to learn more about The Fierce 50 Campaign, please visit these pages. and Thrive Global.