Somewhere along the line fruit seems to have become a little bit of a joke. It may seem like a silly statement, but the truth of the matter is a few trends in dieting, celebrity attention, and even gaming have made fruit seem less healthy.  However, there are five fruits I think you should eat.

If you’re interested in mobile gaming, the first thing that might come to mind is the game called Fruit Ninja. Self-described as the greatest fruit-slicing game in the world, (I can’t imagine there’s very much competition!) it’s a simple but addictive mobile game that asks you to cut up falling fruit by swiping your finger across your screen. It’s perfectly good and innocent fun, but it certainly contributes to the image of fruit as something a little less than a healthy snack.

On a very similar note, there’s also an online game designed by NetEnt called Fruit Case, which uses emoji-like fruits as symbols on a slot reel and in mini-games. The game’s description calls fruit the most revered symbols in slot gaming – a bizarrely accurate statement – and teases the fun of seeing them mashed into a pulp and made into jam.  Basically, the better you do on the slot reel itself, the more you get to mash up the fruits, which have faces that almost seem to be taunting you.

Moving away from gaming entirely, I would say the ill health of the departed Apple CEO Steve Jobs also had an effect on how people view fruit.  During portions of his life Steve Jobs followed a fairly strict fruitarian diet, and when he fell ill toward the end of his life people began asking about the dangers of such a diet. That’s not to say people necessarily stopped eating fruit – but given how incredibly famous Jobs was, it’s at least fair to wonder if many started questioning the health benefits of this entire category of food.

Add it all up, and we get several years worth of popular media and research with contradicting recommendations. Stop eating fruit because of the high sugar content!  Eat fruit for it’s health benefits! What I do know is people are less aware of the health benefits of certain particularly good fruits and my mantra, everything in moderation.  So with that in mind, I want to quickly single out five you should work into your diet.


Apples – That’s right! This most popular of fruits is actually a very healthy one as well. Apples have high fiber content (which is helpful for burning bad fats), and there is also value in their skin, or peels. The skin of apples has antioxidants that can lead to better lung and heart health, so be sure not to peel your apples.

Blueberries – If there’s one fruit that has retained a reputation as a “superfood,” it’s probably blueberries. Fiber, various helpful vitamins, and antioxidants are packed into blueberries, which make them pretty powerful in combatting serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease. For that matter, blueberries are believed to preserve high brain activity to some degree as well.

Lemons – Lemons are some of the best sources for vitamin C, alongside some other citrus fruits. They’re also believed to lower blood pressure in some cases, and are particularly useful because they’re relatively easy to work into your diet. Squeezing a lemon into your ice water, for instance, or doing the same with a breakfast fruit and vegetable smoothie, can go a long way.

Grapefruit – A bonafide super food, grapefruits are jam-packed with antioxidants that help to lower the risk of heart disease. That’s the primary benefit in this case, but it’s one that’s taken seriously in the nutrition community, so a few grapefruits a week is a very good idea for your long-term health.

Kiwi – On a lighter note, this fun and delicious little fruit also registers as a healthy option – primarily because it can relieve digestive issues. It’s thanks to complex carbohydrates and fiber that this appears to be the case. Additionally, kiwi is thought to be good for the complexion, as well as sleep habits.

I could go on, because the truth is most fruits are healthy, so long as you eat them in moderation with proper portion sizes. These five cover a fairly broad spectrum of health benefits and are delicious to incorporate into your daily eating routine.