Hi Everybody,

It’s been quite some time. Let’s catch up and find out how we keep it together or not…


I left off after I had my second total hip replacement.  Yes, the second!  Last October 21st,  2015  I was laser focused on the surgery that had been looming in the back of my head most of my life.  The very next day, little did I know that in less than 4 months my other hip would be under the knife.  As I approach the year mark of surgery one, it is hard to believe I have come this far.  My mile walk has turned into two and the days of using a walker, a crutch, a grabber and the long black shiny cane are long gone.  What’s left is a never ending commitment to strengthening my lower body and unfortunately, agonizing pain in both of my shoulders.  What happen you ask?  Somehow in between the surgeries my left rotator cuff tore as well as the labrum and just recently, while doing pool therapy the right shoulder decided to join in the game of pain. Isn’t that just wonderful!!!!!!

If I see  you in person I can’t give you a bear hug or even reach out and shake your hand like I’d like to.  Sometimes just holding my arms at my side sends me running to the medicine cabinet for relief.   I’d like to scream why me?  I want to know what is the lesson? Every morning I wonder when will I wake up not in pain?  But honestly I can’t dwell on those questions.  It’s like facing a big hill, you take three giant steps up, sit down and slide to the bottom.  One will never make it to the top with that tactic.  So I rest.  I find solutions.  I focus on the positive outcome of my hips and ultimately I keep marching up the hill.


If you get my newsletter you might identify with my summer description.  I’m jealous of those who took exotic trips to Bora Bora or to a deserted castle in northern Ireland. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a negative jealousy, I simply add more photos to my dream board for my “someday” trip.

Have you heard of the sandwich generation?  I’m taking care of my 85 years young mom who is 2300 miles away and my kids who are never home at the same time unless I sit on them.  I guess if I had to be a sandwich I’d choose peanut butter and jelly that’s my favorite.  All kidding aside, this is a really hard time to be fun, fierce and fabulous.  Your nerves are shot, the cortisol is flowing as it leaves excess weight gain in it’s path.  Not to mention if anyone saw my toes from the lack of attention they’d run for the hills.


It was stressful this summer with my big kids traveling alone,  my youngest getting his drivers license and my husband in California working.  When I had a few moments by myself to organize my cottage closet, I tried on some shorts that somehow fit in the legs and the butt but not the waist, that is so annoying!!

Just when enough is enough, I find out my cholesterol has gone through the freakin roof!!!!  Do you know your numbers?  On top of everything else I now have to get my cholesterol back in order.  For years my good HDL cholesterol has kept me in line due to my cardio activity, however with these surgeries my daily sweat fest came to a stand still and clearly so has my blood. Yikes!  Thank goodness for my USANA supplements. Plus, more fibergy, more MySmartStart shakes, more veggies, less oils, more fish, no wine (yes I did say no wine, we will talk about that later) and walking everyday with those beads of sweat dripping off my face and down my back.

How does one keep it all together? I don’t really have a good answer except it’s important to laugh.  I have laughed a lot this summer, so much that I have developed a wheeze.  I laughed at the crease that was present above my bikini line hidden by my empty “babyhouse” pouch.  (Thankfully that is going away due to my walking) I laughed when I drove my Honda into a Toyota dealership to get my oil changed in Manitoba, Ontario.   I am sure they all laughed at me when I drove away.  I laugh when my English Bulldog “Red” farts and sneezes at the same time. And I laughed when driving back across country with my youngest son when somewhere in the empty prairies of Saskatchewan he filmed me peeing on the side of the road without my knowledge.  Oh yes, that happened!

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.08.20 AM

What is that saying…we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.  Totally grateful for everything above and will continue to keep up with “keeping it all together” because I love what I am doing and where I am going.

Enjoy the laugh.