How to Maintain Your Figure during Winter Season.

Maintaining your ideal weight and figure during the winter season can be challenging. With the cozy (and in some places downright frigid) weather, it has been a challenge to get out and exercise. Not to mention the celebrations, preparations, parties and travel made it difficult to consistently make good dietary choices. 

But while it seems impossible don’t let it stop you in your tracks, it is still doable. In fact, many people have tried and succeeded! So, what are the things they are doing to maintain or even enhance their figures. 

No matter where you are do not stop, make good healthy choices.

1. Say “hello” to soup

Aside from making you feel warmed up, soups are a perfect food during the winter to maintain or lose weight. Soup will make you feel full, as it can be nutrient-dense and hydrating.  Choose a soup loaded with vegetables and beans for increased fiber and lower calorie content.  Paired with a green salad is a great lunch or dinner option.

2. Avoid Junk Food

It seems obvious, however I’ll say it again, there’s nothing good for you in junk food.  During the winter season, many people prefer junk food for snacks and sometimes meals. But, munching on empty snacks does not benefit your weight or your figure. Instead, steer clear.  Don’t purchase junk food to have at home.  Select more healthy options, one step from their natural state foods, like apples, grapes, carrots, bananas, or celery.  The more real foods, the more real benefits for your figure.

Choose foods one step from their natural state.

3. Focus on Exercise and Workout

Some people prefer to buy weight loss pills online and use during the winter season. Although these pills may work for some, they are not the greatest choice or habit. I personally had an experience with a weight loss pill and like junk food I’d steer clear.  Boosting your overall wellness is to focus on exercise and healthy nutrition.  

The key is consistency so schedule your workouts any time of the day that works for you.  If you have personal questions or need some advice visit this link and book a call.  I can help.

4. Stay Present to Avoid Overeating

The winter season is also time for long weekend breaks and/or vacation. Usually, people who take a break from their respective positions at work or school would want to enjoy their time off to the fullest. It just doesn’t mean you neglect your health and nutrition.  If you really want to maintain your figure and your weight make it a priority.  You must ensure you stay present and focus on your food consumption.  Keep a food log and write down what you have eaten.  I keep mine right on my phone so as I go through my day I see what I have consumed.   Believe it or not it really helps in preventing overeating.

Make a list write it down make yourself accountable.

5.  Avoid Unnecessary Eating

Presidents Weekend is coming up, as well as Valentines day and holiday foods can be very overwhelming. The mere presence of fancy celebratory items can encourage one to eat and snack more than usual.  So, in order for you to avoid the unnecessary or excessive calories, you must ask yourself these questions.  Are you really hungry or do I really need the food I’m craving? Will I regret eating it?   Sometimes, drinking a glass of water first helps because people mistake thirst for hunger.  Studies show tremendous dehydration during the winter months.  

6. Maintain Your Weight With Proper Plans

Another way to maintain your figure and weight is to actually have a plan. I think this works best.  If your goal is to maintain your figure, pay attention to your fitness and food long before the winter season.  The same goes for summer, weddings, pregnancy, quite frankly…life.

Make a list of your go to healthy foods and stick to it. Create a workout schedule and stick to the workouts as if they are appointments.  Keep track of how many steps you take on a daily basis.  My goal this year is to hit 10-12,000 steps daily.  You can also count your glasses of water.  All of this is a plan which will guide you to your goals and beyond.  


Take a hike walk the dog climb the stairs.

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