Craving sugar?  What do you do?  There are times when it is hard to be in the position of a role model because sometimes I mess up with a sugar fiasco.  As a fitness guru, health concierge,  I live and breathe fitness and health.  However, I have a raging sweet tooth that comes out every once in a while and it reared its ugly head during these last few weeks.  Let me share with you what happened.

So you see there was this left over Dove chocolate Easter bunny.  It was milk chocolate and it sat in the cookie jar on top of some organic Oreos, or as my son calls them “fake Oreos”.  That damn bunny stared at me day after day, but of course, with no attention from me.  I didn’t want it, I don’t even like milk chocolate anymore, now that I know how they make it and what it’s made of.


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Eating a well balanced food plan, at the very least is my daily goal.  I have shared with many of you who are my private clients on what this plan is…real food, organic, time sensitive, mostly no barcodes and eating at home.  (book a free call with me so we can talk, get healthier, make better choices and have me as your health concierge)   However, here is the reality.  I’m human and I don’t eat this way 24/7.  There was Easter and Passover, a trip to NYC (view from One World Trade), a set back with my right hip (if this is your first time reading, please start at the blog beginning, “Where Have You Been Kathy Kaehler”, so you know what I am talking about) and frustration from my slowly healing body.


Why does this happen, I asked myself…when I totally know the answer. It was low blood sugar, nutrient imbalance and emotional eating, all three were happening to me at the same time.  Can you relate?  These can be the reasons why we dig our hands into the cookie jar.

Have you heard the blood sugar story?  I love this link and how it explains blood sugar and why we must clearly understand it.  I have to refer to this from time to time, because it is imperative to know it. Please read this…

However, a drop in my blood sugar can explain why I had a departure from my healthy, sane, unwavering willpower to not eat that chocolate bunny, but I did.   YES, I did, I ate the whole freakin thing!!!!!!!  Not only that, two days later I made some cookies for my youngest, organic dark chocolate-chocolate chip. Those cookies started calling out to to me, Kathy….Kathy….we’re over here!  Typically, I never answer, I don’t need cookies, I don’t crave cookies, I don’t even like cookies. Rarely do I have a desperate, ravenous demand to devour 3 of them in a row, but I did.  Felt horrible, felt fat and I was angry that I wanted to kick myself but I can’t, kicking is not on my physical therapy list of exercises!

There is a way around this and I hope this helps.  I could have a chocolate bunny and a plate of the cookies placed on my desk right now and I wouldn’t want any, not even a bite.  I have no craving, no desire.  Why? Because I am fully satisfied and my blood sugar level is where it should be.  I had a perfect breakfast, I was well hydrated, I ate a balanced snack and my lunch was over the top delish with equal macronutrients.  Not today bunny, go back to the store where you belong!


Did you know that a drop in blood sugar levels can occur for a number of reasons? For example if you haven’t eaten for a long period of time or if you are working out or if you are stressed. Bam…chocolate!!! Unfortunately, if we use these simple carbohydrates to blast up the blood sugar levels to feel better, we are not doing ourselves any favor from a cravings perspective.  Simple carbohydrates like that bunny and refined grains like white rice can cause a spike in blood sugar levels.  The worst part is the crash and then the self loathing begins.

Eating regular meals and simple “real-food” snacks, you can limit the likelihood of drops in blood sugar levels.  We need at least three meals a day and possibly a few small snacks depending on your activity level.   Thinking about bypassing breakfast or lunch or dinner, not a good idea.  Skipping a meal is the fastest exit to Binge Street. When you skip meals it opens you up to a greater chance of a sugar spree and a horrible crash.

As my friend and food hero Keri Glassman, indulge in just a little.  I agree, and indulge with better choices.  A Dove chocolate bunny filled with the yucky sugar, saturated fat, chemicals and dyes is not a good choice ever. Instead, keep on hand organic dark chocolate and delicious organic fruits.  I love dipping organic apple slices into organic low-fat greek yogurt with cinnamon sprinkled on top.


If you are crave sweets, have a little of what you want but aim for an organic, real food choice. This may be enough to satisfy your craving.  If you deprive yourself it can lead to even stronger cravings.  My solution has always been prep your snack foods so they are easy to get at. Hip Hip (no pun intended) Hooray for Sunday Set-Up



Finally, I want to share something about emotional eating.  I have had my fair share of it while I dealt with an eating disorder in college and disordered eating after I graduated.  My most recent physical setbacks from two hip surgeries has also made for some very dark days.  My whole life I have worked out, countless hours training as an athlete through high school, college and for my career.  Losing the ability to run and teach my aerobic classes has been devastating.  Learning how to walk again and rediscover the ability to do the simplest of tasks like tying my shoes or putting on my underwear.

Anger, frustration, depression, fear, anxiety are all emotions that can trigger poor food choices, I’ve had them and I’ve made them.  They are present in our daily lives and it is up to me and I hope you, to follow a balanced healthy food plan that keeps self sabotaging at bay.  Creating a routine practice of reciting my mantra.  “Every day is a new day, a day to start again, a day to make better choices, a day to love yourself  and finally, day to be proud of your accomplishments”.

Here’s to a good new day!