Isn’t it still May?  For all bloggers out there, my hat is off to you.  Am I the only one who gets whacked up thinking about my blog post?  Honestly, I have no idea how all you guys do it, so consistently and timely.  Quite frankly, I feel like it was yesterday when I posted my “Self Love” blog.  Hard to believe we are about to turn the page and reveal August.  Therefore, I decided this post is going to be a re-cap.  What has gone down!  Hold on to your hats because the last 12 weeks has been cray, like as in CRAY-ZY!

Last February I participated in a really cool online event, the Fierce50 Revolution.  On the 50th day of 2017, 50 bloggers, all over the age of 50 partnered up and shared the interview between the two on their blog.  Synchronized like Esther Williams in Bathing Beauty, it took off like wild fire.  So much so, I ended up in a Chico’s video, met some awesome gals and one in particular has become my new co-host for my newly renamed radio podcast, Cat & Kaehler.  Meet Catherine Grace O , the founder of Fierce50.  So of course there was a launch party for Cat & Kaehler.

And a few things in between.  Isn’t that what they call life?

The launch party took place on the roof top of the Redondo Beach Hotel.  Attending were bloggers, friends, family and my  super model pal Nancy Donahue, a prior guest of Fit and Sexy for Life,  and now a big supporter of the Fierce5.  Not only did she stay for the party, a handful of photo shoots, brunches & dinners, she ended the weekend as a guest on our new Cat & Kaehler video podcast.  This show airs every other week so you can see us now.Woo Hoo!

Making eyes for the camera with my new friends.  They came from Texas, Utah, the UK and my own neighborhood.  What a bunch of dolls.

My cute niece from #YoungHollywood, a delish bottle of #CosaSalvaje, my pals getting bemed up with the #Bemer and  wine tasting from #DirectCellars      Just a few of the party festivities.  #whatalaunch

We could not stop smiling during the #FIERCE50 weekend.  By the water’s edge under the pier,  in the spirit of the RED WHITE & BLUE.  Can’t you see #NancyDonahue on a magazine cover with her huge smile…minus her goofy sidekick.  LOL!

Had to take in a day at the shooting range.  Betcha didn’t know I’m a good shot. Bulls Eye!!!


Nothing like picking fresh organic blueberries with my boys.  #cottagelife #summer

Our favorite place with 300 varieties of #Hostas #organicblueberries and the GEESE!!!


My twins turned 21!!!  My #Canadian flower garden in full bloom, #blackpetunias can you stand it!  I got a new cruiser for rides with my kids on my new hips.  And the hammock is still the spot I can find all three!



Back to So Cal and down to Del Mar to find my hubbies BFF at our #LRFCares charity softball game.  #Jockeys #proathletes #LRFNation.  Plus to grab and squeeze our baby #redthedog.


And finally, down to business.  I’m am so excited to share that my favorite kit, the RESET KIT from #USANA is back.  This is the kit I started my work with USANA for as a spokesperson.  It’s back and you can get TWO for ONE until Aug. 11th if you click the link.  No more wondering about calories.  Grab and go with your low glycemic shake which has totally everything your body needs…PERFECT FUEL! The scientists at USANA work with pro athletes and Olympians to get this right.  To make it safe and for it to be effective.  Drop a few pounds.  Lose your sugar cravings.  Stop the insanity…LOL!  Mine are on the way.  I’ll do it with you but ya gotta order.

And what would a blog post be without a little #Kardashian  I love ’em and click the link to see what I have to say about flat bellies.  Thank you #HollywoodLife for reaching out.


Which brings me to a close and guess what CAUGHT UP!

Be real.  Don’t say no.  Say yes and figure it out later.  Life is short, fill your days.  Floss.  Laugh.  Wear hats.  Do tongue exercises.  LIKE my show.  Listen and watch #Cat&Kaehler  and never forget you can always book a call with me.  To talk, to laugh to discuss your eating, sweating and bathroom habits.  I can be your better living coach.  You just have to call me.