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If you missed my first blog called The Better Living Expert go back and check it out. I lay out what you can expect every other week from my blog. As promised I am going to share with you some of my journey to becoming The Better Living Expert. I have lived in California for almost 27 years and it seems like yesterday that I left Colorado to come here. The best way for me to re-count this part of my life was captured in the introduction from my very first book, Primetime Bodies written by Cynthia Tivers.


…that mountain, how important was it for her to prove that she could do it, and how rewarding-from that day forward-it’s been for her life. Kathy became the program director for Laurel Springs Retreat. Through her work she met Melanie Griffith and eventually left Santa Barbara to become Melanie’s private personal trainer. Through her work with Melanie and some of Melanie’s friends, Kathy starting taking on other celebrity clients who admired what Kathy had done with their friends’ fitness levels. Kathy has managed to break a sweat at one time or another with everyone from Barbra Streisand and Farrah Fawcett to Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer. And let’s not forget Candice Bergen, Julianne Phillips, Claudia Schiffer, Penelope Ann Miller, and of course Jane Fonda and Melanie Griffith. Then there are the men in her professional life: Sugar Ray Leonard, Tom Arnold, Andrew McCarthy, and Rob Lowe. Not bad for a kid from Detroit who was born with a dislocated hip. Delicate surgery corrected the problem, however, and gave her a chance at a normal life. (more to that part of the story…)

While it’s part of Kathy’s job to keep her clients motivated, Kathy has found that many of her star clients inspire her. Here are a few examples. Michelle Pfeiffer mentioned this about working out: “Even if I have only five or six hours to sleep every night and I have to choose between an extra hour of sleep or an hour to workout, I will choose to work out. It gives me far more energy and stamina throughout the day than the extra sleep would.”
Kathy knows how hard Michelle works. It’s not unusual for her to have twelve-hour workdays when she’s shooting a picture. And when she’s not filming, she’s fulfilling the demanding roles of a wife and mom. Still, when Kathy shows up at her door at five in the morning, she’s ready to go. We find Michelle’s attitude personally inspiring.

Meg Ryan is another example of focus and determination. About a year after Meg had her baby, Kathy and Meg started running. After running less than two miles, they’d walk. For about three months they kept increasing the mileage until it seemed as if all of a sudden Meg was running eight miles in less than an hour. That’s tough work- especially after a pregnancy. Kathy had to work just as hard as Meg did. All Kathy could do was marvel at how this talented actress could be as focused on her workout as she was on her work.

And there’s Julianne Phillips. When Kathy gets to Julianne’s house to work her out, Julianne has a sweet potato baking in the oven and vegetables steaming in liquid aminos-she’s got a healthy lunch all planned out for right after their workout session. Julianne’s organization contributes greatly to her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

…I also had the experience necessary to recognize Kathy’s incredible talent and knowledge. I convinced her to share her expertise with you. You can be sure that whatever moves you make, Michelle, Meg, Melanie, Claudia, Julianne, and others have tested the waters for you.

If Michelle Pfeiffer can do it on five hours of sleep, think what you can do!

-Cynthia Tivers


Even after all of these years these ladies mentioned above, who helped shaped my career are still working out. Their commitment is what I talk about all the time.
You want change?
You want energy?
You want to look and feel fit…it takes work, time and dedication.

They can do it! I can do it! YOU can do it too!

Before I let you go check out my Better Living Tips and take a little better living with you.

This Is Better Than That
Rubbing Alcohol, White Vinegar and Water is better than Glass Cleaner from the store.
Why? Once you get over the smell of the rubbing alcohol, you will see that this works great. Cuts through grease and grim with not a lot of muscle. It’s cheap and kills any germ that gets in it’s way. Plus it is homemade by YOU. 1 part Rubbing Alcohol, 1 part white Vinegar and 2 parts Water is all you need.

The Better Move

This is a move I still do today. Add this to your workout list, it works.

This Tastes Better

With Sunday Set-Up™ on the verge of coming back this prepped healthy “real” food tastes way better!

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