Nikki Sharp and Kathy Kaehler: Bridging the Gap.  Today’s launch has brought us together and we are Bridging the Gap.   But are we?

Bridging the Gap gathers over 200 Influencers who have stepped up to take part in an unprecedented campaign for social change.  This campaign unites the Millennial and the Midlife Demographics in a way that has never been done before and I’m thrilled to be partnered with NS.

So who is Nikki Sharp?  First, I am going to tell you that Nikki blows my mind, knocks my socks off, tips my hat and warrants a curtsy, for the life she’s already got under her belt. WOW!  Put that into a demographic perspective, I had been out of college for two years when she arrived…on planet earth that is.

Stunning comes to mind when looking at her photos.  She’s beautiful, artistic, creative, blond and flexible!  Nikki reminds me of an indelible memory I have of my first training session with Claudia Schiffer . I was training her, as well as the creative director of our VHS workout series Perfectly Fit.  I remember looking down at her while stretching her hamstrings and everything about her was in perfect proportion.  I know we all have flaws, no one is perfect. However, beauty is both skin deep and pleasing to the eyes.  Both Claudia and Nikki have that in common.

Nikki Sharp

None the less, the real authentic connection goes beyond what our eyes behold.  I care about her in a maternal way as she has singularly navigated this life course. Defining who she is, what she’s good at, where her passion lies and how to make it all work as a business, a thriving business.  Her book The 5-Day Real Food Detox is full of gorgeous photos with an inspirational and motivational approach to long-term wellness.

The 5 Day Real Food Detox

Some people are just good at exercise and share it.  Not Nikki, while she can do a mean upside down back bend in high heeled boots with both legs in the air, she’s got a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training certification via Zuna Yoga to back it up!  Not to mention she’s a Certified Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Nikki Sharp

When I think back on what I did in this field part of me feels like I barely scratched the surface. The other part is knowing everything I did was enough.  Getting to know Nikki has created a bond.  The two of us doing almost the same thing but at a different time, in a different generation with radically different communication and marketing methods.  To get more personal we shared a  few Q & A’s and here’s what she had to say.

What is your perfect day and why?  Do your choices in what you do dictate your mood and attitude?

My perfect day is when I wake up and meditate and do my gratitude log, then head to workout, whether its lifting at the gym, hiking or going for a run followed by coming home to make my coffee and sit at my desk for the next few hours working. Meeting a client for lunch, then doing calls either there or back at home, followed by meeting friends for dinner or evening cocktails. I love ending my night writing out allllllll the things I “think” I need to do the next day, so they are out of my mind as I go to sleep. I will read then fall asleep. It’s my perfect day because I start it off on a positive note, not getting sucked into social, emails, etc. and it’s a balance of doing things for me and being around those that inspire me.

My choices absolutely dictate my mood and attitude. When I am not feeling good about life I find that it’s often because I haven’t been keeping to a routine, working out regularly or doing my gratitude journal. I just need to take a look at what I’ve been doing (or not) and adjust accordingly, whether it’s going to a Soul Cycle class or doing my Detox.

Nikki Sharp

When was the first time you learned food is fuel?  Does thinking about food that way make it easier or harder to make good choices?

I was in Colorado in May 2012 taking a breather from modeling for a month. I remember taking a photo of myself in the mirror and thinking that I looked fat and would go on yet another ‘diet’ (mind you, I was STICK THIN). But instead of another restrictive diet of low calories, I decided to focus on health by cooking my meals and really understanding the food I was eating. This paired with doing exercises I loved, like hiking and cycling, instead of hours of cardio in the gym had a grand effect at the end of the 30 days. I felt so good from the inside out, that I decided to do a triathlon, go to nutrition school and that is when the light bulb went off for me that I was incredibly passionate about nutrition. I actually don’t look at food as fuel though. For me, it is something so much more! I try to help people change their emotional connection to it from being scared of what you eat (or don’t), to one of knowing it nourishes you and can make you look and feel amazing. Food is sexy to me and I want to help people understand this!

Nikki Sharp

You’ve created an app, as well as a book, and you now have speaking engagements across the country, not to mention do business consulting for brands. You kind of do it all… so tell me, what is next for you?

Haha! Thank you! It’s really hard to see how far you go in your career until you can take a step back and really look at everything. We get so caught up in the next, next, next thing, so it’s been interesting to turn 30 and really become introspective and figure out what I want to do next. That being said, I am really hoping to amp up the public speaking I do because I love it so much. I get filled with so much joy sharing to an audience and that live interaction. I also have my second book with Random House coming out next May called Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss, which I am incredibly excited about! The photos are stunning and the book was really a labor of love that I know will help a lot of people to finally stop dieting and lose weight once and for all, not to mention save lots of money in the process!

Pleasantly surprised even with similarities and differences we want the same thing.  Real, authentic, honest, trusting and live in person connectivity.   She’s created an app, I had three boys.  She’s written one book and writing another, I wrote eight.  She’s been all over the world modeling for famous designers, I’ve trained world famous celebrities.  She creates the most beautiful food to nourish ones body, I’m taking her lead and adopting her way of eating so I can feel like she does.  She would put a rubber band to shame with her flexibility which takes strength, balance and focus.  Nikki’s my role model and knowing body work is a lifetime practice I will be looking up to her for years to come.

Nikki Sharp

Listen hot stuff.  I could be your mom however, I know we are forever friends.  There is no bridge we had to cross or a gap to close.  I’ve got your back and I know you have mine.  I am sharing this with you from the bottom of my heart.  You are enough.  You are amazing.  You are kicking ass.  Enjoy it all and share YOU, because your one of a kind awesomeness is intoxicating.  Now let’s make dinner plans.