The topic of healthy living can be overwhelming.  What should I be doing?  What shouldn’t I be doing?  I spoke on this topic a few days ago and broke it down to the basics.  Easier to read, think about and then figure out how to make it happen.  Living a healthy lifestyle boils down to choices.  Making those good choices time and time again.  You must never feel that it is too late for change.  We can all add new habits so why not make them ones that make a difference over time to improve the quality of my life.

Taking these words, improve the quality of life.  Stop and think about the last 24 hours.  Did you have a good sleep?  Did you eat 7-10 fruits and veggies?  Did you get your heart rate up?  Did you laugh?  Are you in or out of pain?  How many glasses of water did you drink? Did you floss? Did you take your supplements?  Did you put on sunscreen?

These questions are simple and yet the answers to them have a huge impact on you and your body each and every day.

Break up your day and make a plan.  Organize yourself with notes, calendar reminder, iphone alarm, etc..  In the morning you should have a routine.  Brush and floss.  Exercise.  Eat breakfast. Take supplements and put on sunscreen.  Not in any particular order, I will leave that to you.


Afternoons are great for cat naps, 3rd or 4th glass of water, choose colorful food to eat, take a walk after lunch, etc…

If you don’t exercise early in the day make sure you fit in some type of workout at the end of the day.  Unplug so your body can rest.  Brush and floss.  Drink that last glass of water.  Breathe deep and hopefully these simple changes will soon create a healthy lifestyle that is yours.