Have you noticed that some super markets no longer carry plastic bags?  Yipppeeee!  Finally someone is getting the message.  It is insane if you think about for a minute.   The amount of plastic bags that are being used in stores all across the country, WOW.  We should be jumping up and down that plastic bags are on their way out.  I hate them so much that it makes me cringe.   When I am at the grocery store waiting in line and I hear the checker say,  “paper or cheap jerseys plastic”, and the customer ahead world! of you chooses plastic you can’t imagine what I have to do to remain calm.  Really people…just stick some canvas reusable bags in Starting the back of your car.  It is that simple.   Here is the back of my car.



For many folks bringing in your own bags is like exercise, they come up with some lame excuse as to why they forgot, or don’t have time to grab them or it is just too much trouble.  Well quit being lazy.  It is important to our environment and to our planet’s future to stop using plastic bags and bring your own.

Post a photo of your bags in your car to my facebook page @kathykaehler or email to me. 

Below is a photo of  my favorite bags, including Vila my favorite reusable find, the wicker produce basket.  I use my basket for produce instead of the rolled plastic bags, the other grocery store plastic bags to skip.

It is so easy to reduce, reuse and recycle at the grocery store. Skipping the paper wholesale mlb jerseys or plastic and bringing your own. So don’t forget cheap jerseys to put some bags in the back of your car.  Do it now and you will smile later, I promise.

Live Better,