Today’s launch is like match making come true, Taylor Dayne and Meredith O’Connor are bridging the gap. Along with 200 Influencers who have stepped up to take part in an unprecedented campaign for social change.  This campaign unites the Millennial and the Midlife Demographics in a way that has never been done before.  I am proud to be part of this connection and here is how it happened.

I’ve known Taylor for many years, in fact I met with her back in the early 90’s when she was looking for a trainer to keep her in tip top shape while on tour. I’ll never forget that day in West Hollywood, Taylor Dayne was my all time favorite singer. I mean come on that voice, 3 Gold Singles and a Billboard favorite.  Plus she’s cool…freaking cool!

I met Meredith a few months ago as she appeared on my video podcast show Cat & Kaehler alongside my co-host Catherine Grace O. Talk about being blown away. Meredith has accomplished so much in a short period of time. Not only is she shaking up the music scene but her dedication to the human race and her passion to put an end to bullying…truly nothing short of extraordinary

How could I not put these two together! I’m over the moon excited to have been a fly on the wall while these two talked about their lives, their journeys, their love of music and the insane common threads they share.  Enjoy the chat.

Taylor Dayne and Meredith O’Connor


The Interview:

TD- Bridging the Gap what does that mean? This is a real opportunity for me as the artist Taylor Dayne to meet Meredith O’Connor who is and let me say, a very inspiring young woman.   Her music, her modeling and her work at the UN for anti-bullying.  So for me when I think of BTG, it’s middle age women who have led the way and Millennials who are tearing the shit out of the path.

MO- That’s amazing.  You have so many accolades yourself and I will tell you my fan base is young and they know me.  Yet everyone knows you from every generation.

TD- Well I’m going on 30 years. I’m celebrating the 30th year of Tell It To My Heart.  So where you are from?

MO- I’m from NY, Cold Spring Harbor near Huntington but I don’t tell a lot of people that. It’s a very small town and very hard to go back to where I suffered my initial bullying in grade school.

TD- I lived in Huntington.

MO- Wait, what you lived there. No way!!!

TD- Did you know Billy Joel lived there too. We are Long Island girls. We are not talking LA chicks!  So let’s talk about how and when you started singing.  Did you ever sing in front of the mirror and at what age?

MO- First it was ballet.  I always tried to do ballet, but wasn’t good at it.  Then at age five I wanted to sing and I knew it deep down this was it.

TD- What urged you at such a young age?

MO- Singing was my thing. I was weird, I was a weird kid, but singing helped me. I had ADD, OCD you name it. Schools tried to label me, told my parents I had a problem but it was really because I was just really good at some things and couldn’t make sense of others.  Singing was what I could do and I was really, really good at it.

TD- That’s part of the problem is schools, educators, even some parents  try to conform their kids.  Like mold kids into what they may not like or want or have passion for, but it’s what people think is the right way and the only way.  Look everyone comes from something, somewhere. We all get served some type of conflict at some point. I am tough love, no bullshit mom. I knew what I wanted to do from the moment I was five years old. I told myself I am going to be the cool chick. I had a very violent home. I was the only girl and as a child I had no voice, it was hit out of me.  Some figure out early on what direction to go in.  Knowing what you are good at and then you work, you work hard to be the best, the very best, better than anyone else.

MO- I say in my anti-bulling work, if you are lucky enough to be different don’t ever change.

Meredith O’Connor and Taylor Dayne

TD- You are such a young woman. Things happen to us on the outside world and then we live this whole internal world. Why do you think they bullied you?

MO- I was driven. I was different.  And most of those who bully is fear, it’s fear based.  I’ve learned that and today having my fan base reach out and share similar stories has taught me so much. I embraced the fact I wasn’t the only one this happened to and now I use it as one of my platforms.

TD- This is important Meredith.  We are women and this I can guarantee you. If we fact checked Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Taylor Dayne, Meredith O’Connor, Jay Z, Justine Timberlake or Aretha Franklin, what would be their greatest fear?  What were they best at?  They’d say I’m going to be better than anyone else. I’m gonna be so good at this.  Shit, for me I held on so tight to singing because it was the only thing I was really good at it.

Taylor Dayne


MO- I know I know. Look, at five years old I knew and I sucked at a lot of things for a long time, but singing, I was good.

TD- So what kind of music influenced you?

MO- Broadway and your music Taylor Dayne!  Plus I gravitated to theater.  And you I mean your music impacted the industry.  Right out of college you were putting out singles and then got signed with a record company with smash hits worldwide.  I actually had record labels laugh in my face.  It’s crazy how different the music industry is today.  For example social media, people show up at my concerts when I post on Instagram.  It’s how they find out what’s new and where I’m going to be. Social media numbers are important to share a message, it’s how I use it. But I think when you have the history you have, even if we were to combine all our millions of fans together it would never add up to the influence your music has made because of how long you’ve been around.

TD- Remember, when I reach out to my fans I use my phone book not Instagram. This is where my people are. So talking about bridging the gap, this interview, our picture, this is where you are going to put all this shit up on your Instagram and then link it to my shit Meredith!  Then we can educate these younger ones to go and put their stats on my thing HA!  My point is, the only way to bridge this is doing what we are doing now. I’m on the phone with this incredibly passionate powerful young woman and we are interviewing each other.  I’m telling you we all start the same way.  We are organic cells who want to be loved and need to give love. I’m telling you, it’s a fact… if you don’t want to thug you better figure out how to hug. And that is how it’s going to work. Whether you are a millennial or a mid lifer we have gifts.

Meredith O’Connor


MO- Thank you Kathy and Catherine. Thank you for fostering this bridge.

TD- This makes a stage. Life and the world is a stage.

MO- I was brought up to be a good person. Taylor, you have lasted so long because I know you are a good person.

TD&MO- And by the way, we will be working on something together so stay tuned everyone.

KK- love this bridge.

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