The benefits of home workout equipment will help you sweat, strengthen muscles and stretch them out.  Since going to a gym hasn’t been an option this is good news.  We all want to work out more, however most of us give it a pass.  When it comes to knowing what to do and how to do it without a trainer or class we are at a standstill.  Not to mention the confusion on what home exercise equipment to buy.

Here are some top picks for home workout equipment (big stability ball, stretch out strap, the step, and wrapped bands).  These pieces are great because they will help create a home gym workout which is effective and will assist you in reaching your fitness goals.

Why a big stability ball?  Did you know stability ball exercises can be used by anyone.  From kids to the elderly a ball will improve balance and coordination, increase strength and endurance, strengthen the core muscles and assist with some amazing stretches.  The ball  has endless benefits and is a must for every home gym.

Why a stretch out strap? This has to be one of the best items to own due to it’s supreme versatility: highly effective for warmup, exercise, and post-exercise.  The strap allows you to perform unassisted stretches with greater control. Which is great since we aren’t able to connect with trainers and exercise instructors. The strap offers benefits for overall health: greater flexibility, improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery, reduced risk of injury, extremely important for everyone at any age. 

Why a step?  Thirty years  ago step aerobics was all the rage.  Everywhere, teachers had waiting lists for their classes.  Fortunately this workout craze still reigns supreme. Here’s why: you can use this home workout equipment for cardio and explosive exercises,  advance moves, beginners, or use it simply as a weight bench.   You may even have a copy of my Kathy Kaehler’s Fitness System DVD workout. If not click the link, it’s still the best workout.

Why wrapped bands?  The reason for resistance bands is to increase the overall muscular strength and stimulate growth.  These bands also train the full range of motion, working many parts of a muscle often underworked when using free weights. However, the wrapped bands additionally have an added bonus.  These bands are built with protective nylon sleeves, which prevent the resistance tube from being damaged and protects your skin during workouts.

Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally.  Working out may even help you live longer.  Being consistent with your workouts is the key to success and how you gain the benefits from these pieces of home workout equipment.  These are tried and true, so get started using them right now.