You may be reading this while I am under the knife getting a new left hip!  After my right hip was replaced last October, my surgeon said the pressure may be relieved on the left or it might get worse!  You got it…it’s worse.  Have you ever stepped on a tack or slammed your toe into the corner of the kitchen island?  That pain that shoots up your body and you can’t even breath for a few seconds!!!  Welcome to my world. However and thankfully, that world is about to change.  I have heard from so many of you who have experienced the same joint pain and it’s incredible how we all describe it the same way.

This time around I am not scared because I know what is ahead of me and I know the outcome.  NO PAIN!!!!!

We all have some type of bodily discomfort that comes and goes like headaches, hang nails, back aches but they all subside at some point.  What I didn’t know is that chronic pain can actually affect a person’s brain chemistry. Click here for article. The cells in the spinal chord and brain will deteriorate more quickly than normal with chronic pain.  This can make one feel depressed, not able to focus, irregular sleep patterns and some will experience anxiety.  Thank God there is a reason.  My point here is if you have pain or know someone with chronic pain it has to be dealt with.  If left untreated a downward spiral of chronic pain symptoms occur and life is compromised.  Trust me. I know.  There are so many effective treatments depending on what the issue is.  Surgery is of course the last resort however, I believe for joints that are bone on bone the pain is excruciating and you shouldn’t wait.  Life is too short.

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The recovery/rehab journey is long just like weight loss, it doesn’t happen over night.  I shot this video while I was recovering from my first surgery.  There was no reason to film myself as I struggled, but something made me turn on my phone.   I have watched this a few times although difficult, I do remember the very moment when no one was home and I really wanted to get dressed.  I am glad I have this clip as it reminds me that you do get better.  Your body gets better.  Your head gets better.  You get stronger and things get easier!   I really had no idea how intense and how hard it was after my surgery to do the easiest of tasks, like putting on your underwear!

CLICK HERE to watch my clip.  (FYI it’s not pretty!)

Today I don’t take for granted putting on my shoes, walking the dog, doing dishes, chopping vegetables, getting the mail or driving my kid to school.  This is life.  Your body is your vehicle.  No matter where you are in life your body is resilient and it will shine for you if you treat it well.

By the way before I wrote this I put on my underwear and jeans by myself no problem.  I will let you know how I do with round two.  🙂



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