For the last six years I have been on a trip that I like to call “Let’s take a pause, while I put on my fat suit”  It is fascinating when I recall the reckless years of running around, eating what I wanted to, staying up late, exercising one day and getting the results the next.  To think back then I anguished over…I wish my body looked like this or I wish I was thinner or I wish I could still fit into my jeans from high school.  What was I thinking?   Now at the youthful age of 51 I have spent the last 2090 days trying to make sense as to why my body is not responding to absolutely anything that I do until now.

In my thirties I had established a very healthy lifestyle.  I ate well, I exercised daily and did that on a consistent basis.  I had babies (twins) via c-section and got back into shape.  Had another baby via v-back (vaginal delivery after cesarean, which they don’t do very often anymore)  and did the same and just when I thought I had the ball rolling with my body and getting back into the swing of it  POW!!!!  You are hit with complete and utter chaos.  Abandon ship is echoed through the hollows of my bones.  If there was an ejection button I would have hit it 6 years ago.  Hot flashes, night sweats, your kids calling you crazy, hair falling out, good mood, bad mood, worse mood and this unusual sense of complete and utter blah!  For example, “You just won a million dollars!  oh well”  (that didn’t really happen, but that would have been my response, nothing mattered).

What finally took the cake and brought me down was putting on the fat suit. And this is where my story begins.

I remember training Kris Jenner,  momager of Kim Kardashian and daughters, etc…, about six in half years ago.  I had not yet purchased my ticket for the crazy train and was going along nicely.  Kris obviously had her ticket in hand when she came into my gym one morning and was in tears.  It was 5am so I knew it had to be something bad, I mean how long could she have been up it was still the crack of dawn?  She sat down on the bike and began telling me through the tears that she went to bed a size 6 and woke up a size 12.  How did that happen?  As a trainer I knew that couldn’t happen, it was utterly impossible, so I thought.

The incredible  change that can seemingly occur overnight had now happened to me.  For someone who is very active and chooses to eat wisely, moderately and cautiously it will blow your mind when you experience waking up in a fat suit. How can I continue to work so hard and my body continues to go in the other direction.

Don’t get me wrong when I use the phrase waking up in a fat suit.  I have complete compassion for those who are dealing with weight gain for other reasons.  We didn’t come into this world overweight so whenever the crossover from ideal body weight to tipping the scales happens I do have an understanding.

With menopause a woman can experience a weight gain of about 5-10 pounds per year during this transition.  This transition can last anywhere from 3-5-10 years or more.  HOLD ON…are you serious.  I will be well over 200 pounds if this keeps up.  What can one do????

There are lots of things you can do and there is nothing you can do, hormonally speaking.  The decision is yours.  A wise physician told me that nothing identical to your own bodies hormones will ever be enough to take you back to your youth without putting you at some type of a health risk.  Our bodies are programmed to meet this passage with a hiccup and hopefully lead you out to the other side.  Recently, two women crossed my path and they both used the word patience.  They too also experienced the fat suit and by the looks of them today, they left it in a dressing room somewhere.

I have decided to embrace this added layer that I do have to say is finally giving up the go and leaving.  I am doing everything that I can.  I eat well,  I exercise almost everyday, I  ride my bike up a super steep hill and the most importantly I lift weights.  I take bio-identical hormones and I take my USANA supplements daily.  It is imperative to keep up with the amount of muscle you have, plus some or you will lose it.  This can be one of the main reasons for the weight gain. More fat slow metabolism.  More muscle fast metabolism.  So pump the iron gals.

A few other things that make a difference in my life that I can’t live without.  I  have my glass of red wine, I have four people who love me dearly, I love what I do as my profession, I have a few friends that I LOVE beyond words and I care deeply and passionately about helping people live a better quality of life.

It is time for me to exercise the word patience.  Be kind to your body.  Let it do it’s thing and I believe that in due time I will be telling my story of the fat suit that will start out as, ” I remember when…”