Truck drivers deliver more than goods.

What do you think is in that truck? Have you ever asked yourself that question when you pass one on the freeway?  You might be out and about today however, back in March of 2020 the world stopped. We were stuck at home and getting on the freeway was out of the question. But there was a group of people who didn’t stay at home and it’s not who you think.

Truck drivers were a part of the front-line/first responders to the pandemic.  They were delivering medical supplies and equipment to hospitals.  Ensuring that store shelves across America remained stocked with essential goods for customers like you and I.  (And they continue to do so each and every day.)

The USA was counting on truck drivers to help.  To ensure shelves remained stocked as we Americans loaded up on things like water, milk, cereal, bread, toilet paper and canned goods amid the pandemic. Wait a minute, I think the toilet paper truck may have taken a wrong turn somewhere.  I’ll never understand the rush for toilet paper but that’s another talk show!

One can’t imagine the conditions these drivers were experiencing under trying circumstances. Longer hours, crowded truck stops, closed rest areas, not being at home, difficulties finding food for themselves let alone delivering yours and mine.  Not to mention their own health and safety concerns. But guess what, they accepted the challenge and kept shelves stocked day after day, week after week.

Where it gets even more interesting is shelves were not the only thing being filled.

It is my honor to work with such an amazing nonprofit organization that has assisted in missions all over the world. We are proud to be their transportation partner in restoring hope across America as disaster responders.“ -Ignas Jurkonis CEO + Leader, NCS Group.

NCS and bstrong

The NCS Group was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois.  It operates in 48 States with a fleet of 500+ trucks and five state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Illinois, Utah, California, New Jersey and North Carolina.  The entire company operates 24/7 and demands the highest quality and performance standards not only within the US trucking industry, but towards the most innovative supply-chain solutions.

As we sat home in March of 2020 glued to the tv’s daily announcement of numbers, closures and medical updates, Ignas Jurkonis was creating a plan. Jurkonis had always been actively involved in charity and non-profit events and organizations, both in the U.S. and overseas.  So he started providing U.S. hospitals with free freight services. He created a new alignment with the Global Empowerment Mission and BStrong to help both COVID-19 efforts and other widespread disasters get into motion to bring aid where it was needed most.

Disaster Responder

Businesses closed their doors and people hunkered down at home while the pandemic changed lives and crippled the U.S. economy.  However, through it all, the commercial trucks moving America’s freight continued to roll down our nation’s highways into our cities and towns.  Pulling into the loading docks behind our favorite markets for storeowners and workers to receive these goods.

There are approximately 4 million truck drivers in our country.  Both men and women get behind the wheel of these trucks. My hat is off to the trucking industry as it has shown first hand what an essential role they have in our society.  I just hope the public continues to appreciate the work these people do as they move our world forward.

Bringing Hope

Bringing aid, support and hope.

So the next time you speed past one, drive behind one or see one pass by on your street remember they aren’t just a big truck delivering a product. They are also delivering hope.