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LA Talk Radio Channel 1 – Guest: Fully Raw Kristina Carillo Bucaram Fully Raw Revolution – May 2nd at 11am PST – 2pm EST

My Guest:

Fully Raw Kristina Carillo-Bucaram – Author, Creator of Fully Raw, home of the Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

“The coolest part about food is that it’s something that you get to eat. We get to eat color for a living. We get to eat color to bring us life. And so these things have all of these colors bring us life—and […]

LA Talk Radio Channel 1 – Guest: New Author Lisa Moser “Miss Conception” – May 9th at 11am PST – 2pm EST

Today’s Guests:

Lisa Moser – Author, Speaker and Coach

Lisa has a passion for educating and motivating others to flourish in every aspect of their lives and leading them towards a feeling of empowerment. She says, “there is nothing more satisfying than seeing others make positive changes in their thoughts and actions and making a total transformation. Being a part of […]

LA Talk Radio Channel 1 – Guest: Catherine Grace O’Connell – – Fashion Blogger – Apr. 18th at 11am PST – 2pm EST

Catherine Grace  – Fashion Blogger 

Catherine is dedicated to fashion and the many women who share my passion for beautiful design.  To her, women of all ages are to be celebrated and cherished.  She is particularly inspired by those women in their Second Act in life, who are deeply soul searching, reconnecting with themselves and finding their passion and their purpose. […]

LA Talk Radio Channel 1 – Guest: Macaron By Patisse – Sukaina Rajani – Apr. 4th at 11am PST – 2pm EST

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