Project Description

Preparing Breakfast Jars

This easy, no-cook “summer porridge” has make-ahead convenience and is packed with nutrition to get your day off to a healthy start. Make it in individual mason jars for a perfect serving size and an easy grab-and-go breakfast straight from the fridge (it’s eaten cold). Take it along to work or anywhere. Great to serve on a breakfast or brunch buffet. High in protein, calcium & fiber; low in fat & sugar.


Pint canning jars with lids
slow cooking oats
steel cut oats
flax seed
hemp hearts
chopped raw almonds
dried cherries
chia seeds
sprinkle of cinnamon
vanilla or plain almond milk
Slow cooked oats (uncooked)
Steel Cut Oats ( uncooked)

*depending on how many jars you are going to make, you don’t need very much of each ingredient for each individual jar.


Open your jars and add 1/2 cup of slow cook oats, 1/2 cup of steel cut oats, 1 Tbs. flax seed, 1 Tbs. hemp hearts, handful of almonds, handful of dried cherries, 2 Tbs. chia seeds, sprinkle of cinnamon. Fill to the top with almond milk. Put on the lid and screw on tight. Carefully shake and place into the fridge overnight.

*The combinations of what you put in are endless. The key to this Sunrise Breakfast Jars is the routine of getting them made so that when you get up, get back from your workout or simply starving and need something that will fill the tank you have something ready!!!

*If a pint jar is too big try the half-pint jar.