Project Description

Preparing Melon

To choose a netted melon, the best indicator is smell; they should have intense perfume. Also, the net should be raised and the rind underneath it should be tan to golden, not green. These melons “slip” from their stems when they are ripe, so their bellybuttons will be clean. The honeydew family is harder to choose (it is called “inodorous” for its lack of perfume). The best clue is color — it should be rich and creamy. The rind will also feel almost waxy.   Melons will continue to ripen after they’ve been harvested as long as you store them at room temperature. If you like melons chilled, refrigerate them overnight. Much longer than that and they can start to develop soft spots and pitting.  Slicing, cubing and balling melons is great for salads and snacking.  Prep and use.