Project Description

Preparing Little Red Potatoes

Red skinned potatoes are small, round and white inside. The red skin is thin, making them somewhat delicate to cook. Red skinned potatoes can be cooked as a side dish or turned into a meal with chicken and veggies. Wash red potatoes thoroughly before storing them. Use a vegetable brush to clean each potato while immersed in a bowl of water. Scrubbing is an important step since it ensures that you get rid of as much bacteria as possible. Rinse the potato under fresh running water. This will rinse away any remaining bacteria left from the scrubbing process. Instead of using a glass storage container place potatoes in a “green” bag used for protecting vegetables. Green bags help to extend the potatoes usability, meaning they will last between 20 to 30 percent longer than if stored in the bag in which they were purchased. Never put clean potatoes back into their original bag since bacteria may exist there that can undo all of your previous preparation. Put the newly bagged red potatoes in a cool, yet dry, place; preferably away from any light source. The key word is “dry” since moisture will cause the potatoes to rot more quickly than usual. Due to their size these potatoes can be boiled, roasted or grilled.