Project Description

Preparing Sweet Corn

Fresh is the only way here or grab a bag of organic frozen.  When able to buy fresh corn on the cob from farmers market or the stand on the side of the road get it home immediately and prepare to eat or freeze.  Picking the best ear a good rule of thumb is to shake hands with the corn. If the cob fills your hand nicely and the silk on the top is brown, it’s a good one.  Have a seat and take all the husks off the corn once you’ve picked enough corn for your purposes. Rub the silky fibers off the cleaned cobs with your hands.  Put the corn in the water, put the lid on, and bring the water back to a rolling boil.  Remove the corn from the water. You need to do this as quickly as possible to maintain the right texture of the corn. Take the corn out when the water’s boiling and eat it or cool it down by submerging the corn in ice water to freeze.  Once the corn has been blanched and cooled so that the ears are cool to the touch, use a sharp knife and run it down the cob vertically. Go slowly, and try to get enough corn without getting too much of the cob.  Spread out onto cake pans or baking sheets for a good initial freezing.  Once the pans of corn are completely cooled,  remove from freezer and store in freezer safe containers.