Red Cabbage

Shredded red cabbage is a must for Sunday Set-Up™. We usually see red cabbage in salads and coleslaw however, it can be used in many other dishes and as a crunchy part of a sandwich. Red cabbage is a good source for Vitamin A, C and K not to mention fiber. Keeping shredded cabbage makes it easy to slip it into a salad, add to soup or sandwich. It’s brilliant color will jazz up a stir fry too. Super low calories and loaded with vitamins and minerals. When shopping look for a head of organic red cabbage. Remove the first layer and rinse. Chop the whole cabbage like you are making a slaw salad. Fill one 6 cup glass container and use it all week long. Amount: Fill the 6-cup Glass Lock container to use for the week. Your family size and likeness of red cabbage will determine if the next week you should prep more or less. Cabbage will last all week long and then some.