I bet you are reading this article on your phone, tablet, lap top or desktop.  Are you hunched over with your shoulders pulled inward?  Can you see a curve in your back? The visual of the old lady walking across the street and her shape is like the a small letter “r”.  Yikes.  Count how many hours you sit and look at screens and imagine over weeks, months and years what your posture shape is going to look like.  Scary…

What’s the fix for text neck?

  1. Hold your handheld device at eye level.
  2. Stretch shoulders by rotating the right shoulder forward while you rotate the left shoulder backwards.  It is like rubbing your belly and tapping your head at the same time but it works.
  3. Stretch your neck often by tucking your chin down toward your chest and then gently raising your head to look at the ceiling, purse your lips and imagine kissing the sky.
Repeat often so you don’t turn into the letter “r”.
Image credit to Alexandra Zakharova under CC2.0.