About Kathy Kaehler’s Sunday Set-Up™

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Eat fresh, real food all week long with Kathy’s three step Sunday Set-Up™ routine.

GET PREP and STORE. While it’s great in theory, preparing fresh and healthy snacks and meals every day of the week can be quite the task. Whether you’re a mom or dad and feeding an entire family, or just want to be good to yourself, it can be time consuming and overwhelming. Instead of stressing about how you are going to pull it together day after day and night after night, Sunday Set-Up is your plan-ahead solution. The routine is that every Sunday you “set-up” your food for the week by shopping at your local farmers’ market, natural food market or your regular grocery store.

“Kathy Kaehler…thank you for keeping me healthy. I just smile and stare! Sunday Set-Up™ rocks!”.
Angie Harmon, via Twitter
“If you aren’t a member I HIGHLY recommend it. The recipes are scrumptious – my whole family loves them. The exercises are endless and you WILL see results!!! You won’t regret signing up.”