Daphne Etta Maxwell-Reid

Daphne Etta Maxwell-Reid



American actress Daphne Etta Maxwell-Reid, best known for her role as Vivian Banks on NBC “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”,  joins Kathy today on Kathy Kaehler Live!

These days Reid is a Renaissance woman, respected artist and designer, and education activist.  Working from her home in Virginia, and still happily married […]

Mood Swings Wines

Mollie Macarthy-Openshaw – Mood Swings Wines

Mood Swing Wines

Mollie Macarthy-Openshaw, the owner of Mood Swing Wines, is a Chico local through and through. She attended Chico High School, graduating in 1981, and went on to earn her nursing degree in 1989. Choosing to stay in Chico, she raised her three beautiful children, […]

Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson

My friend and star of https://iHollywood.tv

Social media influencer across multiple platforms who earned fanbases on Instagram, musical.ly, live.me, Livestar, WeChill and YouNow.
His most followed network became Instagram where he earned over 80,000 followers to his […]

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Jack E. Davis

Jack E. Davis


PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING author of THE GULF: The Making of an American Sea (Liveright: March 20, 2018).
A professor of environmental history at the University of Florida, he grew up on the Gulf coast, and now lives in Florida and New Hampshire.
Tune in for our conversation. I’m now […]

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Frank Ford

Frank Ford

of Four Day Weekend The Transformative Power of “YES, AND”.

Happy Accidents and Radio Personality Kevin Kline of Houston Texas started running marathons to get people to say Chelsey’s name and bring awareness to pediatric cancer.

#ForChelsey  https://dearchelsey.com/content/snowdrop-foundation/


http://latalkradio.com/sites/default/files/audio/Kaehlerlive-060518.mp3 […]

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Scout Masterson


Scout Masterson

Reality star and Simone and Boz’s Dad.  The other half to The Guncles and in production for The Guncles Family Kitchen.  
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